Create Joyous, Supportive Relationships

Helping Professional Women Trapped in Unfulfilling Relationships They’re Too Afraid to Leave.
Find Your Courage, Connect With Your Self-worth, and Create the Joyous Supportive Relationship You Dream of.

Who Am I?

Almost 20 years ago, I was shopping with my daughters when my doctor called me and said, “Sandra, I am really sorry to tell you this over the phone, but you have cancer.” I was stunned. Something was tapping me on the shoulder and giving me notice- -your life needs to change.

Going through cancer treatment and recovery gave me time to rethink my life. Thankfully, my cancer was treatable. However, two years later and after several marriage counseling sessions, my 20-year marriage ended. My life felt like a giant storm–alternating between calm seas and tsunami waters.

What gave me the courage to make this change? The realization that the pain of staying in the relationship was stronger than the fear of the unknown.

As I negotiated the end of my relationship, I read books to help me understand myself and to improve my communication style. I did not want my daughters to get caught up in the anger and hurt that divorce creates. I demonstrated to them that you can leave relationships with kindness and love. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns, mind you, but my intentions helped me make the shift.

I learned to have healthy boundaries, and I will admit, I learned through trial and error. I assumed full time parenting and grieved the loss of the life I had left. I started to deeply care for myself and to investigate what kind of future relationship I wanted to attract.

My daughters watched me grow and create new boundaries. The gift they received of witnessing my transformation taught them that no matter what, you have the right to leave relationships that are no longer serving you.

For over eighteen years I have been coaching women through many challenges but the theme that has prevailed is our inability to leave relationships that no longer serve us. Women tend to care for everyone else at the expense of their health and personal power. What is often lacking is a support system and the “how to” make that leap out of unfulfilling relationships. Which is where I come in!

When women work with me, they find their courage, connect with their self-worth, and create joyous, supportive relationships they dream of having. Why waste time when you can have it all?

P.S. I don’t teach anything I haven’t learned first-hand. I now have a lovely relationship that is reciprocal and mutually supportive.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • You are in a relationship where your needs are not met, you have outgrown each other, you aren’t emotionally supported, and you desire MORE.
  • You are highly motivated to transform your life, but you don’t know exactly how to extricate yourself from the relationship and rebuild a new life.
  • You are tired of being stuck and want help.
  • You have lost your self-confidence, self-identity and need help rebuilding.
  • You are trying to find the courage to make the change but are afraid.
  • You are worried what others will say, think or do if you make the change.
  • You don’t know what life will look like outside of the relationship and need help recreating what you most want.
Module One

Activating Courage and Confidence


Increase Confidence and Get Clear on What’s Next.


Together we take inventory of what isn’t working and what is most desired in a supportive relationship. We look at your unique qualities and strengths and what you deserve moving forward. Expand your courage with support to make positive life changes.
Module Two

Enhancing Communication Strategies


Amplify your skills so you communicate with precision and certainty and set healthy boundaries that stick.


Clarify what is hanging you up and learn what kinds of power dynamics exist in relationships. Disengage from stuck conversations and learn how to set positive boundaries for both the present situation and future conversations.
Module Three

Empowering Self to Initiate Difficult Conversations


Learn how to have uncomfortable conversations with confidence.


Together we pick specific conversations that are needed to disconnect dysfunctional relationships with the least amount of drama and emotional upheaval.
Module Four

Understanding Relationship Patterns


Learn what your unhealthy relationship patterns are so you don’t repeat them.


Gain clarity on what old and familiar patterns are not needed moving forward so they are not repeated. Obtain insight to move away from self-sabotaging new relationships.
Module Five

Attracting New Fulfilling Relationships


Build excitement and a clear vision on what is next and desired for your future relationships.


Deepen your growth mindset by moving past stories of your past. Understand what true intimacy means in relationships so you can attract them moving forward. Take your power back and claim what you most deserve.

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