Reclaim Your Life After Divorce. Starting Now.

Helping Divorced Women Regain Their Identity and Confidence, Bring Clarity to What They Want Moving Forward and Heal the Patterns of Their Past So They Aren't Repeated.

Who Am I?

Fifteen years ago, I was shopping with my daughters when my doctor called me and said, “Sandra, I am really sorry to tell you this over the phone, but you have cancer.” I was stunned. Something was tapping me on the shoulder and giving me notice-your life needs to change. Thankfully, my cancer was treatable. However, it did give me pause and two years later and after several marriage counseling sessions, my marriage of 20 years ended. My life felt like a giant storm-alternating between calm seas and tsunami waters.

Communication was rough in the beginning with my ex. There was a lot of anger-on both sides. That spurred me on to learn about boundary management and I will admit, I learned through trial and error. I assumed full time parenting of my two teen daughters and grieved the loss of the life I had left. I worried about my daughters and struggled to take good care of myself.  I read a ton of books, sought counseling and began to rebuild my life. I regained my confidence and became less a victim of my circumstance. I dug into the lessons that my marriage and divorce had given me and started creating a new identity that had more to do with my values, strengths, and purpose rather than the roles I had always assumed.  My children watched me grow and create new boundaries while I demonstrated that even when life is hard, you can still blossom.

Having worked with divorce, single parenting, communication challenges and all that goes into rebuilding identity this has led me to reconstructing a life that is remarkable and valuable. Through my program I now teach other women how to navigate through relationship break ups and divorce so that they too can own their power to create a life of their own making.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • Your divorce is final.
  • You are juggling parenting, home and work.
  • You feel overwhelmed building your new life.
  • This is the first time you have been divorced.
  • This is not your first time being divorced and you want more clarity on healthy relationships.
  • You were married 2+ years.
Module One

Striving Forward With Confidence & Clarity


Increasing Confidence and Getting Clear on what is important.


Often in relationships we lose our sense of self. We start to wonder after a divorce, who am I now? Together we will build momentum and clarity by identifying what’s most important to you.

You will establish your first line of goals and move forward with an action plan. You will feel excitement for your future and see yourself letting go of what once was in in the past in order to create excitement for life now.

Module Two

Feeling and Healing to Grow Who You Are Now


Understanding emotions and how to move forward through grief, loss and set the stage for positive momentum.


Are you feeling glad that you got a divorce but still feeling sad about the close of an important chapter in your life? Are you grieving the loss of the life you thought you would have? In this module, you will transform feelings of grief and uncertainty into a new vision for yourself.

You will learn to increase your awareness to how you are feeling, acknowledge what you need, and accept where you are in order to
shift effortlessly.

Module Three

Harmonious Relationships With Ex and Family Members


Shifting Communication dynamics, feeling less triggered about conflict and making requests that are effective.


Is communicating with your ex still hard? Conversations with the ex-partner post-divorce can be triggering with old communication styles perpetuated. You will learn to initiate and carry out conversations without getting frustrated, angry or hurt.

Together we will expand your boundary management skills and by the end of this course you will recognize what you need for yourself and be able to make successful requests without all the stress you have had in the past. We will cultivate clear expectations you have for yourself and others in your family which will bring more ease for you and the family.

Module Four

Empowered Wellness and Self Care


Recovering physically and emotionally to have energy and excitement for what is next.


Often in times of great change, as women and mothers, we put ourselves last and as well as our self-care routines. Recognize what self-care is and isn’t for you, and what stories you tell yourself about why it’s not achievable. You will not only understand how you can turn everyday routines into a mindful practice, but increase self-care goals.

Building on your-self-care practice, we dig into what makes you unique. In this phase, we gather further evidence and awareness on your unique talents and what positive qualities others see in you so you can be more of who you are.

Module Five

Positive Relationship Choices for the Future


You will increase awareness of what did and didn’t work for you in your relationship so you can change your patterns of the past and set sail for a very intentional future.

You will have clearer vision of what you want moving forward and continue to cultivate your goals to increase happiness and create a life that is healthy, vibrant and one of your own making.

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