This week I did a massive clearing.

I got rid of clothes and furniture.
I unfollowed about 600 Instagram accounts.
I deleted screenshots and images on my phone that I no longer felt were serving me.
I closed out an Etsy store I was running that I started from a place of “oh shit I need to make money” but wasn’t actually something I wanted to be doing AKA massive scarcity vibes… Even though it was still making me money.
I cleared out loads of documents and photos on my computer.
And sent an email today encouraging people to unsubscribe from our mailing list if we were no longer a good fit.
And today, I’m in bed sick- coughing, quite literally clearing sh*t from my lungs.
Because hanging onto old things that aren’t serving me anymore, ain’t the vibe.
Past me was nervous to get rid of things because (gasp) “what if I needed it later!”, scared to delete information because my brain might not retain the information, and afraid to let go of “opportunities” because I didn’t trust that another (better) one was right around the corner.
I’m done living my life from a place of “what if’s”, nerves, fear, and distrust.
Now I know, when I feel myself on the edge of growth it’s time to clear out and make space. And do so radically.
Lean into the discomfort of letting things go.
I believe that you must make space in order to receive something new.
Physically, metaphorically, mentally, energetically…

New doesn’t come quickly if there isn’t space for it.