Sandra Wood is a relationship expert and helps women through times of intense change and chaos who are feeling overwhelmed and at a breaking point. She is a certified life coach and has been supporting women for over seventeen years. She helps women navigate their challenges to gain calm, clarity, and confidence to move forward with purposeful and empowerment action.

In 2004 Sandra was diagnosed with breast cancer which catapulted her into a period of personal growth which eventually led to the dismantling of her twenty-year marriage, single parenting, and career challenges. She has created high impact programs and support systems for women using her personal experience and what women have taught her over the years.

Sandra is a compassionate and calming force, helping women re-frame their experiences, and save time and energy. She knows how difficult it can be to deal with health issues, changes in job/careers, the ending of a relationship such as a marriage or partnership, dating, single parenting, or transitions such as a family member passing or children growing up. Sandra helps women deal with the patterns from the past, helping to remove barriers and to heal from trauma so they can change their narrative and move into a joyful more purposeful life.

Sandra has worked in many roles including being a doula (for women in labor), child birth educator and worked several years in the nonprofit industry in both programmatic and leadership roles. She worked in the health care industry supporting cancer patients to get holistic and alternative health care to reduce the burden of cancer treatment. She has a special interest in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, yoga, and meditation which contributes to the women that she coaches and teaches.


Sandra’s signature program is for women going through intense change, transition or chaos and includes live weekly group calls, online digital programs, and one on one coaching. Sandra creates momentum for change, using the synergy of group dynamics and one on one coaching to deliver immediate results. She offers consistent support, so women have a deeper integration and sustainable progress.

She writes for many on-line magazines. She has a Facebook support group called Thrive After Divorce, a community for woman at any stage of the divorce process to come together, share challenges and build confidence.

You can find her at

Sandra lives in Boise, Idaho. When she isn’t working, she can be found teaching a Kundalini yoga class, hiking in the gorgeous mountains of Idaho, writing, or playing with her grandson in who currently lives in Iowa. She has two beautiful daughters and a husband who is incredibly supportive and always makes her laugh. Her husband is also a coach and they run a business together called, Discover Life Balance which helps men and women create a life of joy and happiness.


  • Overcoming being overwhelmed, strategies to gain calm in times of chaos and change.
  • Understanding patterns from the past and replacing them with healthier thinking and behavior.
  • Building and achieving emotional resiliency and agility to ride the waves of change.



“I have been working with Sandra now for several months. I have to say that meeting her and deciding to co-create a magical destiny for myself, with her as my guide and witness- has absolutely changed my life. Her coaching, wisdom, and compassion has affected my life on all levels, not just in the relationship domain. Sandra is generous, experienced, and has the tools to help you transform your life and create whatever it is your heart desires. It has been beyond a blessing to work with her! “

- Stephanie H

“Sandra is an extraordinary human – her empathy, wisdom, and humor have been a treasure to me as I’ve transitioned through several life and career changes and stages, including motherhood and postpartum. She has an innate gift to identify what’s beyond the surface of challenges and has helped me navigate some confusing times to find balance, confidence, and clarity. She doesn’t pass judgement, and will be a fierce advocate for you, as a person, to help you achieve what you’re seeking.”

- Kristen M

“I have not had the opportunity to work with someone as seamlessly efficient as Sandra. Her ability to deal with my own emotionally charged situations and complex challenges seems to come very natural to her. She is a calm force and is both committed and conscientious. She has helped me get through one of the most difficult times I have ever faced. I have been able to initiate and follow through with changes that I have spent years unsure of how to do until now. Sandra is not only is skillful, but she holds you accountable while still being kind and loving.”

- Carla K


Sandra Wood is a relationship expert and helps women through times of intense change and chaos who are feeling overwhelmed and at a breaking point.

sandra wood