This week Sandra and I were in a coaching session with an UNLEASH client who felt overwhelmed with having to do all the things. I told her to stop doing anything she was telling herself she “should do” or “needs to do”.

She looked at me like “Really?! How?! My house won’t clean itself?!”
Here’s the deal…

Should and need are NOT the vibe.

Should and need KILL your energy.

You are meant to do what you WANT to do.

What excites you. What lights you up. What is interesting to you. Because when you feel excited, lit up, and interested… that is literally your soul saying “yesssss you’re on the right path!”

And doing things that are in alignment with your soul = more energy.

I know, I know. This is not what you’ve been taught your whole life. But julie,

– “I have to make lunch for my kids”

– “I should post on social media for my business”

– “I need to clean my house”

– “I have to go to work”

Guess what?

You don’t need to do anything. You don’t “should” have to do anything.

“Need, should, have to” these are low vibe stories leading you to a mundane feeling life.

These are you trying to fit in someone else’s way of doing things. These are you working against your natural talents, inclinations and desires. These are you operating from a low energy state. And I’m not saying that you should just “not do” those things. I’m saying you can change your approach.

There are some wants hidden in those statements.

So practice reframing “need” and “should” to “WANT”. And watch your energy level and motivation rise when you do.

I need to make lunch for my kids —> I WANT my kids to be healthy and happy, so I will make them a well-balanced lunch.

I should post on social media —> I WANT to grow my business and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

Want = more available energy.

You get the idea… Helpful?

Now, when you decide you WANT to optimize ALL areas of your life, and you want someone to help you hone your UNIQUE approach… Contact us and we can explore different options that would work for you.

There’s SO MUCH more available to you.