Years ago, I embarked on a beautiful journey as a doula, guiding incredible women who wanted to shape their birthing experience with intention. It was about being their champion, their advocate for their vision of motherhood.

Witnessing the birth of new life was awe-inspiring, but what truly moved me was watching women tap into their power and undergo a profound transformation.
After those magical moments of birth, I found myself drawn towards a different path – helping women transition into the intense world of motherhood and discover their new identities. (Let me tell you, it’s a wild ride!)
I attended over 50 births, even serving as a midwife’s aid, and was privileged to see families at their most raw and emotional.
As my own daughters were growing, I realized that I yearned for a more expansive way to support women. The long, challenging hours made me shift my focus, but my love for intense experiences remained.
My daughter coined a name for me that I wear with pride – the “Life Coach Doula.”
My mission? To empower women to summon the courage to conquer life’s toughest challenges.
I’ve walked alongside many brave souls through daunting divorces, and I’ve also delved deep into women’s internal landscapes because, let’s face it, looking within can be the scariest journey of all.
Why do I thrive on this intensity? Because it’s in those powerful, desperate moments that we grow, change, and claim the lives we truly desire. When we start valuing ourselves and prioritizing self-love, we become comfortable within, steering an exhilarating and empowering course.
I wished for someone like me during my own tough times, which drove me to become that support system for you. I’m here to be gentle, kind, loving, and supportive, all while helping you break down the barriers standing between you and your true self.

Now, not only do I have a place within myself that I call home, but I’ve also cultivated a community of love and support. When I face my next level of challenges, I know I have everything I need. Do you?