Yesterday I was chatting with a client who was telling me her fears of reverting to old habits when our coaching program ends.
This is quite common and honestly, our entire program is built to help women break the habit of being themselves. Meaning that who they have become is not really who they are. We create identities with massive limitations and ridiculously false stories about ourselves.
Why don’t women hire a life coach or go to counseling when they are deeply unhappy?
Because there is a belief that it’s too late, and each time they initiate change, they slide back into a comfort zone and continue the dysfunction of life. It’s like they are stuck in this landscape of malaise and they feel glued to the seat of how they are doing life. They keep proving themselves right, but it’s all WRONG.
The story gains traction and the resolve to change lessens each time. Until you decide, “enough is enough.”
It’s like the self that they are so used to is living in an old house, that they no longer like. Yet they are used to it so they keep living there even when life is passing them by and each day is same shit, no new story.
When we decide to chart a new course with determination, it is definitely a big undertaking.
How do we not revert back to old habits, trauma patterns or old stories? By staying awake consistently.
You align yourself with people who can help you do this work!
You make your mission to change THE most important task of your life and you don’t stop until you have left that damn house! You start dumping all the shit you don’t need! (Furniture, relationships, jobs, roles, bad habits…… )
Think like an architect or house designer. What needs to stay and what needs to go? Is your house built on a foundation of self trust, awareness and integrity or on doubt, insecurity and fear?
Creating a new identity, a you that is more authentic, means you have to change your thinking, meaning you have to be aware of it to begin with!
As Joe Dispenza says, “If you can master suffering, you can just as easily master joy.
You’re the star of your own show. Make it your priority to come home to your true and beautiful self!
As my client exclaimed yesterday, “Oh my god, I am actually the problem!” We laughed together! Yes, when you see that piece, and you can love yourself, everything can change.
No more glue stuck to an unfulfilling life.
Freedom to be whoever you want to be.
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